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Wordless Wednesday: Maui o-wowi from the Air

By February 08, 2012 , , ,

It's been a bit less than a month since we were vacaying in the beautiful islands of Oahu and Maui. As temps continue to drop here in the Midwest, I can look back at these photos and remember the warmth of the sun, the taste of salt water, whale sightings, Hawaiian cuisine and of course the umbrella drinks! In true Wordless Wednesday fashion, these photos will wrap up my Hawaiian recap.

For our final evening in Maui, we enjoyed a traditional Polynesian luau - the Feast at Lele - with an exquisite five course dinner featuring entrees from Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa and Tahiti. 

Gorgeous Maui sunset 

Gotta love the mai-tais!


Congrats Honeymooners! Little do they know we've been married 6 years!
My brother is a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Navy so I'd always hoped my first helicopter ride would be with my big bro. But when the opportunity arose to take a heli ride in Maui - I just couldn't resist. My single most favorite activity on our Hawaiian vacay was no doubt the heli ride. Wowers!! It was in one word ... AMAZING!! As you scroll through the photos below, you'll see 3,000 foot cliffs, waterfalls, and the treelines as we fly over thousand-foot ridges and valleys of Molokai and also the famous Kalaupapa leprosy colony. 


Coral reef

Coral reef

Aloha (goodbye) Hawaii from Big D! 

Aloha from the Hoosier Farm Babe! 

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  1. LOVE your pictures! You are going to have to help me learn how to take clear action shots. Yours are so clear, and I should have enough camera power to take clear shots too! I'm showing Steve the helicopter pics so we can do that next time. How's Baby Ray Ray? All 100% better? Hope so!

  2. Gorgeous photos! You had better seats at the luau than we did... I could watch those guys all night long! Congrats on your new web home!