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Project Organization: Kid's Room Closet Overhaul!

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Disorganization drives me bonkers! I would love for everything to be organized and labeled in cute lil' color-coordinated bins and storage totes, stowed away neatly in closets and storage areas of our little farm home. 

But that is far from my reality! 

If anything ever does look picked up and "clean" in my home (meaning you're not tripping on toys, books and laundry!), I would warn you never to open a closet door, because it's more than likely pure chaos waiting behind that door.

Case in point ... my Sweet Baby RayRay's room. Her poor closet certainly has the capability of being well-organized, I apparently do not!

That is, until Pinterest changed my life.

The photo below inspired me to spend some time sorting and organizing RayRay's closet. It was so easy and affordable! Why has it taken me nearly two years to do this?!

I feel so empowered, now! Looking forward to tackling more DIY/organizational projects in the house! 

Before ...

Upper shelf - poorly utilized to say the least!

Shoe pile. This is embarrassing ... but hey aren't those boots adorable!

More piles!

Stuff in her closet that doesn't even belong there!


Hey look ... another pile!

Bought and built this cube unit from Meijer for under $40.

After ...
Finished product with pink totes to store bibs and sheets. Also , picked up a  3-drawer mini dresser that sits underneath the hangers to store  purses, bows and whatever else! I used the upper shelf (not visible here) to store extra toys, misc. baby gear and boxes!
Actually able to display some of her beautiful keepsakes, now!

I set the pink pig princess at the top of the shelf and RayRay proceeded to hand me every one of her stuffed animals so Princess Piggy wouldn't be lonely!

Basket for extra wipes and diapers fit perfectly next to the cube organizer!

Each pair of shoes has its own place ... no longer being lost in the shoe pile.

More keepsakes and a picture frame with Mommy and Daddy that RayRay had broke when it was down at her level.

Color-coordinated her closet, too!

Then I proceeded to organize other areas of her room and purchased a big basket (under $30) for her extra blankets and bags that sits next to her crib!

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