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Everyday is Earth Day on Our Farm!

By April 20, 2012 , , , ,

I am very proud to be a farmer!

But with that pride comes a considerable amount of responsibility to take care of the natural resources that take care of our family.

You see, farmers are America's most natural stewards of the land, we're really all conservationists at heart. Especially, when you think about passing the farm onto the next generation. It's vital to utilize sustainable practices that best conserve our natural resources such as crop rotation, no-till farming, filter strips or grassy areas that separate fields from waterways helping to filter pollutants and soil sediments from surface water runoff before it reaches streams. In other words, if we don't take care of the land (versus robbing it void of all nutrients) then how can the land to take care of us, let alone provide any future opportunities for our children to raise their families on the farm.

So Earth Day is not only important to us on April 22, but every single day of the year.

First day out planting corn on April 7!

A beautifully-planted piece of the Earth! Can't wait to see little corn plants sprouting through that fresh dirt! 

Farmers are also the original recyclers. Here on our hog farm, we take the waste (yea the poo!) from our pigs, spread it onto our corn and soybean fields to use as a fertilizer, which in turn helps provide nutrients for our growing crops, which we harvest in the fall and then use the harvested corn to feed our pigs.

So if you're out and about on April 22 and looking for ways to celebrate Earth Day, slow down, be patient with farm equipment on the roads and thank a local farmer for helping to take such good care of our little part of the universe.

Also, if you're an Indianapolis local or looking for a roadtrip, come visit one of the Real Farmwives of America with the Indiana Family of Farmers at the White River State Park in Indianapolis for Earth Day Indiana on April 28.

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  1. Great post! LOVE the pig pic. ;-) We are so thankful to be in the middle of a rain train today. Our ground desperately needed it, to the point where we were waiting for a rain to plant because the ground was so dry. Next week, if it warms up, we will start on beans.