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Wordless Wednesday: The Dirty 30 Tailgate!

By April 25, 2012 , , ,

Big D turned the page last week and entered his Dirty 30s! And for that, I promised him not a birthday day celebration, but an entire week of partying! Yea I'm hoping I picked up plenty of brownie points (ahem, ahem ...) for all my hardcore birthday party planning work.

But as we approached the big day, I knew the big man would be in the field planting corn. And you don't drag a farmer out of the field when he's hard at work! At least not my farmer.

So my plan was to surprise him in the field with the arrival of all of his friends for a tailgate party. Unfortunately, though my plan fell through a bit when it rained for two days straight prior to the big day putting a major damper on the party plans. But, alas, I had my heart set on it, so I decided to throw the tailgate right in the front yard at the farm, anyways!

Yea I know it is a little hillbilly, but I guess that's how we roll!

It was supposed to be a BIG surprise and for the most part it still was, except when Big D came home nearly 1 1/2 hours before I told him to. I'm not sure how you explain what you're doing putting balloons around the patio, so yea, I think he figured it out. I told him to go back to work, come back at 7 and be surprised!

Beer (lots of it!), pizza, balloons and cake made up the party decor along with about 5 or 6 trucks and SUVs parked in line for the tailgate. With plenty of good friends and lots of laughs to boot, everyone had a nice, relaxing evening to celebrate Big D's Dirty 30!

Pizza and beer, what more can I say. Happy Birthday Big D!


Balloons were a BIG hit!

You might remember this little sweetie from our summer vacay to Michigan with friends!

Then of course, Miss RayRay.

It's safe to say that these two enjoyed the party most of all.

Two little butts. One chair.


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