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Wordless Wednesday: Egg-cellent!

By April 11, 2012 , , ,

This was our Sweet Baby RayRay's second Easter and first time "hunting" eggs. We hit up a local community egg hunt - we even made a new little friend (and it wasn't the Easter bunny). In fact, we didn't even get to meet the Easter bunny - but then I think that's probably for the best (after a bad run in with Santa last year).

As for the Easter egg hunt, RayRay was basically a rock star in her age division - collecting yellow egg after yellow egg (her designated color). I was a proud trackside momma - next year I doubt we will even have to carry her basket. Miss Independent, that she is.

We were supposed to do an Easter egg hunt at the farm, too. But it didn't really work out (Grammy came down with influenza). We were supposed to cook out, too (but our grill sorta fell apart.) But hey, we were together, lived, loved and celebrated the Resurrection of Christ. What more can you really ask for! 


A new friend - hoping we'll see her again next year!

Opening all the eggs with Grammy!
 By Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny made his stop at the farm, leaving Miss RayRay quite a nice little pink polka-dot basket full of goodies, games, books and of course, chocolate. We didn't have time to change out of our PJs, so we dived right in to see what filled the basket.

A dolly

Disney princess stickers and candy. Oh my!


Someone was pretty excited about the chocolate. I only wish I could've gotten this on tape - she was skipping and waving her arms in the air like some kind of happy rain dance. Hilarious.

Chocolate that melts in your hand, not your mouth. At least that's how she thought that line goes...

Easter Sunday. We only took about a dozen photos and still couldn't get our little shrimp to smile. Plus the shoes for her dress that morning didn't fit so we had to improvise a little. But, eh, that's what us moms do!

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  1. Great post! Sorry Grammy wasn't feeling so well, that always puts a bit of a damper on things. What a cutie pie you have though. Every girl needs a Princess egg and some chocolate to go with it! Hop Hop!