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Wordless Wednesday: Happy Birthday Big D!!

By April 18, 2012 , , ,

Yesterday was my hubby Big D's BIG 3-0! I told him it's his birthday week and this would be his best birthday yet!

We started off his special birthday with a few presents and a big old fashioned, fresh from the farm breakfast. Then after work and a few more presents, I took the birthday boy out to his favorite restaurant - P.F. Changs for dinner! But there are still a few more surprises in store for my special birthday man!

Happy Birthday to my best friend, a great daddy and the best hubby in the world!! We love you baby!!

Love these two!!!

Enjoying his favorite hot and sour soup at P.F. Changs!


Birthday cheesecake! Happy Birthday Big D! But your birthday's not over just yet! More surprises are yet to come!!

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