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A Closet Full of Great Memories

By June 14, 2012 , ,

A few weeks ago, I would've said my house was fairly clutter-free. Or at least that's the appearance I would like to portray. But that was until I visited my brother and sister-in-laws uber organized and lovely home in VA and realized what a disaster I'd been living in. In reality, I don't think it's THAT bad, but there's always room for improvement!

You see, I know where all my junk is stashed and stowed. I know where things are thrown where they don't belong. I know where trash and junk lies that needs to be tossed. I know where it is all secretly hidden.

My house could be better organized, it could be cleaner, it could be a lot of things, but dang a working mom only has so much time to do these things!

I do try at least twice a year to go room-by-room and declutter - creating a trash pile, a Goodwill pile and a storage pile. The last leg of my decluttering overhaul was my closet or should I say closets since I occupy two ... One closet contains clothes I just can't seem to part with and there's a bunch.

For example ... 

I still have THIS shirt. Why you may ask ... because it's the one I was wearing when I met Big D for the first time. 
Do you recognize the gal on the right, it's none other than my BFF Liz from Farmwife Cooks circa 2003!
As a matter of fact, I think THIS is the very night I met my eventual hubby-to-be Big D at the Neon Cactus on the campus of my alumna mater Purdue University! On the right, is my good friend at the time, Brian. He was the one who introduced me to Big D because they showed in 4-H together growing up!

I still have just about EVERY Halloween costume I've ever worn including this collegiate favorite - the Catholic school girl. Oh lawd....
For some reason, I have hung on to quite a few of what I would call "clubbing" clothes from college. I don't think I've been clubbing for at least two years and that was only for a bachelorette party. Even then, unfortunately these clothes would no longer fit or let's face it be fashionable anymore! But we were pretty COOL at the time, of course!

Great memories made!
Or how about the shirt I wore for my 21st birthday. The gal on the left is my BFF and eventual maid of honor at our wedding.
Check out these two college sweethearts ... so young and just engaged July 25, 2004. :)
Do I still have clothes from high school ... you bet!
How about the purple dress I wore for HS graduation and the red patent leather shoes that matched my grad gown to a tee!

ALL of my prom dresses. This was actually a prom I went to with a friend, but I wore the dress to my junior prom too. Circa 2000.

And of course, I still have my FFA jacket proudly and safely preserved. Talk about great memories. I could absolutely NEVER part with my blue corduroy jacket!

Here's just a small speckle of what is in actuality a HUGE pile of clothes I've been hoarding just for sentimental reasons. Does everyone do this? I don't mind purging old, outdated or ill-fitting clothes for the most part, but I will never part with some of these memorable duds. I look forward to the day I can show RayRay the top I wore when I met Daddy Big D and she looks at me and just says, "Oh mom, you didn't wear this, did you? This is hideous and so uncool!"
What articles of clothing have you kept around just for sentimental reasons? The wedding dress is kind of a given. But what else? Clothes from college, high school, memorable occasions with your family?

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  1. I loved this post!!! It was fun looking at all the pictures!!!

  2. Oh my!! We look like babies!!!

  3. I no longer have much in the way of clothing...maybe a few accessories. I let go the sweatshirt I wore the day my daughters came home through adoption. I cry whenever I think of it.

  4. Oh I love this, Meggie!! I hold on to a few articles of clothing....none of which still fit! Thanks for bringing back the memories -