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Making Sweet Memories in Pure Michigan!

By August 17, 2012 , , ,

On the lighter side of life, we have been celebrating some big birthdays lately. This mama's Dirty Thirty (how is that possible, how am I this old?!) and RayRay's 2nd birthday. My birthday was pretty low key and Big D has yet to deliver my birthday present - though I do know what it is ... stay tuned ... it is pretty exciting if it ever does arrive!

RayRay is the one that really made out like a bandit though - with three different bday parties and a trip to Pure Michigan to celebrate the big day with extended family. But seriously, how is it possible that our baby girl is 2 already? She is growing and changing so much everyday - it really is incredible. I just feel so blessed to be her mama, I really mean that - she is a true gift from God - one that I can honestly say tests us everyday. But we wouldn't have it any other way. We love our little RayRay! Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Without further ado, I need to share some pics (cause I got lots, ya'll!!) from the birthday week in Pure Michigan. Big D and I may've traveled to Hawaii earlier this year, but Houghton Lake, Michigan, is our true paradise. I love this place. I've been spending my birthday week at Houghton Lake for more birthdays than I can count - I'm now happy to share that birthday tradition with my favorite girl - Miss RayRay.

Making sandcastles and memories at Houghton Lake! 

Our doll baby - ready to hit the beach!

She absolutely loved the sandy beach in front of cottage.

What's the first thing you do when you get to the cottage, go out on the dock and smell the sweet, fresh lake breeze! Here are a couple of my cousins,

The second thing you do is get a rake and clean the seaweed from the beach. 

Toes in the sand

My cous & second cous and her sweet baby boy Jonah!

Someday she'll kill me for this photo. But this is how I grew up taking baths at the lake when I was little, since there was only a tiny shower. We did try the shower and that was a major fail ... 

Then you take a boat ride, of course! My dad and cous.

Me & Cous Fred!
Snoozin' on the boat! :)

RayRay and I shared a cake for our birthdays since our bdays are only 3 days apart. Couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather share my cake with! 
Don't we look thrilled. 

Grampy just partyin'

Miss Attitude

Jonah being a sweetheart! 

Round 1 of gifts

Grampy and RayRay blowing bubbles. Precious moments.

Being silly

In front of my aunt's cottage with "Uncle Mike"

Hit up "KiddyLand" for RayRay's actual birthday

The slide is always a hit with this wild one


Catching up with family from Colorado, Florida, Minnesota and Michigan. It's been 6 years since we've all seen each other.

RayRay with Grampy and Cous Karen! :)

Another gorgeous sunset!
Always start the morning out with a nice walk, if she is willing to walk that is ... 

Then a trip to the famous Zueblers! 

Now we're ready for a milk break and then the BEACH! 

I'm all sass, mom, all sass!

Just a glimpse into the cottage decor. 

More beach time!

Constantly on the move at the lake

Wearing this mama out.

Now isn't that a cute face? Er, not! 

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  1. Ha! I love the sass photo. Love Michigan as well. Looks like a great time spent with family! Hope you are enjoying the rest of you summer.

  2. I'm a Michigander, and Love my Pure Michigan. Great photos! Love the sunset ones. I'm glad our tourism ads are working. ;)

    1. We love Michigan. I feel like its my second home! The ads are definitely working! Where are you from in MI?