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Miss RayRay Celebrates Minnie Mouse Style!

By August 22, 2012 , ,

I have to admit Pinterest is pretty awesome. Pretty addictive too. But Pinterest is especially awesome if you're planning a party or looking for gift ideas. 

Little Miss RayRay absolutely LOVES the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so it seemed like a pretty fitting theme for her 2nd bday bash. 

Que search keyword: Mickey Mouse.

Oh toodles!!!

And about a billion party ideas for kiddos came up. 

Gold mine! 

I didn't have alot of time for party prep since we were just getting back from the lake but I did bake up these cute Minnie Mouse cupcakes fit with Oreos for the ears (thanks to a Pinterest inspiration)! And by the way, I am no baker and certainly not a talented cake decorator, so don't be too hard on me. Last year, my friend Liz at Two Maids a Milking made RayRay's first birthday cake- she has skillz ya'll. 


The bday spread.
7-layer mexican dip, veggie pizza and hot spinach artichoke dip (minus the artichoke because I um forgot to put em in!)

Friends who came to celebrate with RayRay!

Let the present opening commence!

Pretty excited about the new PJs. 

Time to make a wish, Miss RayRay!

Daddy has the Minnie Mouse ears on!?

Our friends brought their one-week old munchkin!! 

So precious!

And yay I got to hold him! 

Our best attempt at a family photo ... 

Tired from all that partying! 

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