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Cloud Nine in the Combine

By September 14, 2012 , , , ,

Last week, I shared our fears of what was to come from Harvest 2012. This week, we opened up the field south of our house, only to find yields a bit worse than what we expected. But Big D doesn't want me broadcasting our yields (because farmers take alot of pride in what that yield monitor shows). But I can tell you we haven't made our goal bushel per acre mark yet. 

Gee whiz I wish I had some better news to report ...

But that is the reality of the drought. The impact it has on food production is much bigger than us though, and it goes well beyond the farmers. This drought is going to affect us ALL (as consumers) when we go to buy a box of corn flakes this fall and winter or any other product made with corn. I'm just saying ... 

But I refuse to go down the road to Negative Town, because when I snapped this picture below, it puts it all in perspective. It doesn't matter what the yields were at this very moment, RayRay was on cloud nine sitting up in that big ol' combine with her Daddy.

And for a minute, all the stress and anxiety disappears when you see the joy exuding from a sweet little 2 year old farm girl sitting up with her absolute favorite guy in the world - her Dad. 

And then you snap a photo like this (with an iPhone) and can appreciate the incredibly beautiful artwork that God has painted for us here on an Indiana farm. We are so blessed, really.

But hey, ho, stop reality check. It's time to replace some parts on the combine corn head! 

There she's all ready to go again. So it's off to the races, and as in races, I mean the race to finish Harvest 2012.

Best wishes to all the hard-working American Farmers on a safe and bountiful harvest. Let's hope there are few surprises out there waiting in our crop fields!

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  1. Your combine looks exactly like the one my father-in-law has! Our yields so far are not looking very good either, hopefully the irrigated field will be better.

  2. We are still in the tool shed...waiting.....sigh. I do remember a year with 190 bushel corn and $2 prices. Maybe somehow it will all balance out or come close. Be careful out there. Glad your RayRay is enjoying her rides with Daddy! Keep on smilin'

  3. We got started yesterday and it is sad. These were our earliest fields. Stay safe there are other years to enjoy. I remember 1.30 a bu corn. Everything is so inflated it is hard to try and figure out what the next step will be.