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Finding the Perfect Balance as a Working Mama

By October 03, 2012 , , ,

I have wondered ever since I became a mom if you can have it all.

A great career, a wonderful family & home life and also continue to enjoy other activities as well.

Can you have a demanding, well-paying, prestigious position in your field of work and be a great mom who's always there for your kids when they need you? Can you do that while also enjoying other activities such as let's just say showing cattle and being involved in not-for-profit organizations?

From the outside looking in, it looks like some moms have it all - the job, the family and free time for themselves, too. As moms I think we all strive for that perfect balance of work and family life. When someone comes up with the perfect work-family-life formula - I think that stuff will sell like hot cakes!

Either way you look at it at least in my opinion there are sacrifices you make as a mom (or dad), whether that pertains to family life or your career.

Since I've became a mom nearly 2 and a half years ago, I've contemplated both staying home with RayRay and I've also considered taking a job that would require travel 25 percent of the time. Somedays, I lean heavier toward one side or the another and it always depends on what kind of day I'm having.

Currently, I have a great job, very flexible, non-demanding, non-stressful with an excellent family environment (meaning they understand when my kiddo has to come into the office or I need to work from home).

Does it pay the big bucks I dream of ? Unfortunately no. But I do alright.

I only work four days a week and get to drop off and pick up my munchkin RayRay every single day. I get to spend quality time with her and my hubby when they need me most since I rarely, I mean rarely ever work nights and weekends (with the exception of Sundays). And because I've now stepped into a new role assisting with the books on the farm, I hired a cleaning lady. Best. Money. Spent. Ever!

It's a good life, not perfect, but it's the best fit for us right now, especially since my hubs has a VERY demanding career running our family farm in two states.

Somedays, I'd love to have a job with more leadership potential, more management, better pay - you know the works with a cherry on top, too. But then I think, how sad I would be traveling and working late nights being away from my family - my life - Big D & RayRay - the farm - my cows and yes, even the pigs.

But as a woman I do, I want it all and I'd love to figure out how exactly to do that. Maybe I will someday, but for now I'm good. Have you ever battled with finding the perfect work-family-life balance? Does it drive you bonkers sometimes when you feel like you're failing in one area or another or both? It's OK because girl you're not alone!

Group hug, anyone?

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  1. This is the story of my life. I realize that the word balance just causes guilt. Unfortunately, we sometimes don't get a choice. Life happens. And we do what we have to in order to keep the ship afloat. That means saying no to professional items and personal items. My kids have learned that mommy works and sometimes I am away. But if I didn't work, we wouldn't get to do a lot of the things like take vacations as a family, have cool activities to participate in and a huge brand new couch to snuggle on. I have had to learn to also not indulge my kids with material items so, I admit, they get to sleep with me more than I would like to admit. I have a cleaning gal too. Who wants to dust on Saturday morning when you can be making pancakes with your kids? And when I can be with my kids I don't miss the opportunity. The down side, I don't do much for myself. I exercise some but not enough. I haven't seen an adult movie in who knows how long. I haven't been to a concert in years. I only eat at fine restaurants when it is a work function. I think you get my point. When I am not working it is all about the kids. And when the kids are away and I am not working, I sleep or snag some time with the much needed girlfriends. Hang in there momma! Hugs!

  2. Just stopping in for a visit. :) Hope you can stop by and say hi. Have a great evening!!!