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22 Ways to Be Thankful!

By November 21, 2012 ,

I have really enjoyed reading many of my friends Facebook daily posts on "Being Thankful" and I had great ambitions to share my daily thanks as well, except by the time I got around to it I was about 7 days behind!

Story of my life.

This month has honestly just gotten away from me - with work, traveling, trips, meetings, Big D gone in Ohio finishing harvest, here I am on Nov. 21 with my only second post of the month.

How is that possible? Because honestly, I have so much to update ya'll on and so much to talk about!!

Lots of exciting stuff going on in the Hoosier Farm Babe household. So I guess you're just going to have to stay tuned (que evil laugh!)!!

But today on the eve of Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays of the year, my turkey is (hopefully) defrosting in the fridge, my mother-in-law is baking some delicious pies and her homemade rolls and I'm wrapping things up at the office. It only seems appropriate to reflect on what I am most thankful for this year, for each day of November leading up to Thanksgiving. 22 days to be exact!

1. Miss RayRay
 I am thankful for our beautiful, wild, silly, surprising, funny, amazing blessing that is our Miss RayRay. Some days I honestly get so caught up in how blessed I am to have her in our lives that tears start streaming down my face. True story.

2. Big D
I am beyond thankful that I went to the Neon Cactus that college night in September of 2002 and met my soul mate. He is my No. 1 fan and I am his, forever and always, I will love this guy. Period.

3. Family
I don't have a big family by any means, but I am thankful for the loving and genuine relationships with the ones that I have, especially my two amazing parents.

4. Mom
I am so blessed to call my mom more than just Mom, but a best friend. I love that I can call her any time of the day, with any issue, she'll talk me through it, encourage me (or discourage me - when I need it!), come to my rescue and share in all my many life joys and struggles. She is a rock in my life and I'm forever grateful and blessed to have her as my Mom!

5. Friends
I have friends from all walks of life - high school, college, post-college, some that have moved away, some that I see maybe once a year, some that I haven't seen in years. But I truly have some of the greatest girlfriends that a girl could ask for; and distance will never separate the bond that I have with many of these wonderful and inspirational ladies!

6. Farm
I am beyond thankful to own and operate our family-owned farm with Big D. It hasn't always been easy to start farming on our own, but in another sense it's been a dream come true. We take a great amount of pride in what we do, growing our crops and raising livestock, helping to feed the hungry world.

7. Faith
I am thankful to pursue my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ without persecution and without judgment in a beautiful and welcoming community at our church Cross of Grace.

8. Farmers
I am thankful for every hard-working farmer in the United States, helping to put food on my table every single day. I am thankful for the poultry, turkey, hog, beef, dairy, sheep, goat, corn, soy, wheat, cotton, beet, grape growers and many, many more.

9. Job
I know I don't talk about my job on this blog too much, but I am beyond thankful to have a job that I enjoy, one that enables supreme flexibility, a family working environment, great benefits and pay and much more. It's a great place to work, especially for this busy mama!

10. Boss
I am thankful to have a boss that understands when I have a sick child that needs her Mommy, days when I need to work from home and a boss that whenever possible tries to cater my workload to only the things that he knows I love doing.  He is not a micro-manager, but allows me to self-manage which I am forever thankful for!

11. Freedom & Democracy
I am thankful to live in a country where I can exercise my right to select our nation's leaders. I am thankful for a country that allows me free choice and the right and ability to free speech.

12. Health
I am thankful for a healthy body, whether its 5 (or 10lbs) overweight or whatever. I have not had to face any major health complications in my life, I've been blessed in that way. Just gotta continue to take good care of this ol' bod!

13. Opportunities
I am thankful for doors that have opened for our family farm within the last year, doors that have opened up (and sometimes closed back up) in my career. Sometimes the best things come when you're least looking!

14. Blog
I am thankful for the opportunity to share my opinions on important issues, as well as our farm and life story here at Hoosier Farm Babe Tell Tails. And more than that, I am thankful for you, my readers, who continue to tune in to see what's up here at HFBTT! It's been an amazing journey since April 2010, and I can't wait to see what the future brings.

15. Cows
I am thankful to be able to own a herd of Registered Jersey cattle. I grew up on a dairy farm in Ohio, but my family liquidated the herd more than five years ago. I am so thankful that I was able to keep every single one of my cows and that my good friend in Ohio milks and cares for my cows and my Dad helps out with heifer care at the old dairy. Someday, perhaps, I'll be milking my own cows in my own barn on our farm in Indiana. You just never know what I have up my sleeve!

16. Horse
I am thankful to have a beautiful horse still in my life. I've always been horse crazy, and enjoyed horseback riding, even showing horses back in the day. I wish I had more time for her. I wish I could ride everyday, but I'm looking forward to 2013 to start teaching RayRay how to ride. Roxy you better prepare yourself for a 3-year old rider!

17. Mad Men and Modern Family
I love these two shows sooo much. So thankful for the writers and the networks that produce and air these two amazing shows each week.

18. Technology
I am thankful for technology such as the iPhone and the iPad that allow me to TweetChat during debates and Skype with family hundreds of miles away. I lost my first iPhone in February and I went through major withdrawals while dealing with my old BlackBerry Storm, it truly made me miss and appreciate my iPhone even more. I'm thankful I'm back in the world of Apple technology again.

19. Pizza & Chocolate
I am thankful for all things delicious - these two currently (and nearly always) topping my list!

20. Living in Indiana
I am thankful to live in the beautiful state of Indiana. Ohio will always be home to me and it's where I grew up. But there is just something special about Indiana, that I sometimes have a hard time putting my finger on. I love the people, the communities, the small towns, the environment, the culture, hell I even love Indiana politics (did I just say that outloud?!)!

21. Our Home
I am very thankful for our cute little home that is our very own. I am thankful to have a relatively new roof over our heads, heating and air conditioning, electricity and indoor plumbing, especially a HOT shower. These are simple and everyday things to most people. But in many parts of the world, heat, air, electricity and indoor plumbing would be quite luxurious. So I am thankful for our luxurious and comfortable home that has just about everything that we could possibly ever need.

22. My Car
I am thankful for a dependable car that gets me to and fro with great mileage savings and one that has never given me ANY trouble (in the four years that I've owned it!). In this economy, that is truly something to be thankful for!

What are you most thankful?


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  1. What a thoughtful and detailed list Meggie! I loved reading each and every one and it made me thankful for things I take for granted. I am thankful for many blessings like you but the boss, car and church struck me as three things I hadn't thought of!

  2. Great post! Sorry it has taken me so long to read it! I'm on the same crazy road you are. Let's hold hands and jump off, even if it's just for a little while.

    Happy New Year!