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Halloween 2012: 1st Year Trick-or-Treating!

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Miss RayRay isn't quite old enough to tell me what she wants to be for Halloween yet, so I still get to decide - though this will probably be the last year when mama gets to pick the costume!

And this year, I was sure she would make a cute lil' cheetah girl and boy was I right! We went trick-or-treating for the very first time last night in our hometown and when we'd walk up to the door, it seemed that everyone in the household would clammer to the window, many even inviting us inside to say what an adorable little kitty we had on our hands. It. was. so. much. fun. Perhaps, even more fun then when I went trick-or-treating as a kiddo.

RayRay did such a great time on her first trip out, we rewarded her (and ourselves) with dinner at Steak-n-Shake. I know high rollers right? Well hey it's a great place to take kids! Without further ado, let's see Miss Cheetah Girl! 

Our little cheetah girl and mama!

Even Daddy got to come out with us! 

She wasn't a huge fan of getting her face painted, but I managed to get the whiskers on, though she rubbed the nose dot off completely.

These folks made the mistake of telling her to take as much candy as she could - from that point on she figured it was her mission to  empty their basket. It was pretty cute.


These folks are handing out candy?? Let me at em!! 

Every time I told her to say "trick-or-treat" she would just growl, so I told her to growl like a cheetah cat and then of course she would be silent. Ha. I tried! 

Someone managed to sneak a sucker out of her Halloween treat bag before dinner. She's so sneaky!

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