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Knock, knock ... oh it's you, I think I remember you!

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Hi blog!

Remember me?

It's the Hoosier Farm Babe here.

I do still exist, so yay for letting me log in to share all my news and photos with my friends in the blogosphere!

Without further ado, it's time to do some major photo sharing of oh I don't know like the last three months. I'll try to keep it brief (ha!), but I sure didn't want you to miss out on all these cute RayRay photos that I've been hoarding up in my hard drive! Because let's face it, most of my photo bank is made up of RayRay photos!

Let's start with Christmas and go back from there ...

Family photo Christmas Eve

Having a dance with Daddy before Christmas Eve service

This girl loves to spin! 

Christmas cookie!
Santa ate all his cookies!

And he left lots of goodies, too! 

More Santa evidence

Christmas morning breakfast

Christmas jammies (she actually opened these on Christmas Eve - family tradition)! 

Santa brought our little artist a double-sided easel

And many, many, more presents ...

Riding her cousin's Christmas roller coaster. I tried to ride it but they said I was too big! 

Lots of fun! 

RayRay with her oldest cousin, Amelia on Christmas Day at the farm! 

Ham for Christmas dinner in Ohio with my folks! 

This face.

Supervising ... 

Pretty focused on opening more gifts! 

One of the many out takes from a cousin photo shoot. 

The best shot! Yes! 

Chattin' with Grammy! 
Helping Grampy open his gifts at the farm.

And back home again in Indiana to enjoy our beautiful Christmas tree for a while longer ...

And to enjoy our cozy fireplace! 

Now let's back up a little for a couple photos from Thanksgiving on the farm ...

Cheesin' on Thanksgiving Day! 
Hosted Thanksgiving for the second year at our home.

My T-bird - yummy!
A visit from Big D's sister and RayRay's cousins in November. Love that precious time with family.

RayRay with her cousin Henry

Pretty cousin Amelia

Look at me, Ma!

Silly girls

And you sure wouldn't think I'd missed the North American Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Ky., in November!? RayRay hasn't missed a single show since her birth, so why would this year be any different? I mean, after all, it is the biggest and best exhibition of Jersey cattle in the world how could we miss it! Didn't take any cattle this year - just one of many admirers of beautiful cows in the audience!  

National Jersey Jug

Being ornery of course ... 

Pretty heifers

Gotta love those big brown eyes! 
And finally, a fun visit to Kelsay Farms (Daddy Big D even got to come along - which was kind of a miracle since we were in the middle of harvest at the time) in October I think ...

It's like she'd never seen cows before. 

She's cute and she knows it ... 

Moo-choo train

Bowling with Daddy

Silly Daddy

Silly girl

Selling rides on this wagon for a $1 ... 

Or shoot, maybe I'll just go for a ride myself. 
Ok, that's a wrap! I think I've shared the best of our most recent fun, family times in 2012. Check back early next week for a series of exciting announcements.

Thanks for your patience - I promise you won't be disappointed!!!

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  1. Okay, seriously..you are making us wait a week for your exciting news????;0) The pictures of Ray Ray are precious. Happy to see you all had a Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm with Sarah, you are a big tease! ;-) Can you believe a year ago we were packed and ready to go to Hawaii! I'm ready to go someplace like that again ASAP! How about you? I'll be checking back VERY soon to see what's up with you and your wonderful family!