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Lessons from Leontien

By January 17, 2013 , ,

I have never met anyone like her.

She was a fighter. She fought for her life, fought for her farm, fought for her friends and family and fought like hell for her dreams. And while she may've lost the battle with cancer, she will always be a winner in my book, always.

She was an inspiration. She inspired literally thousands from around the world who faced similar challenges, who fought similar battles. She inspired anyone that was lucky enough to meet her, follow her blog or her story. She inspired us to not just walk toward our dreams, but run, and with a conviction and energy like never before. Her story, her strength and her legacy will continue to inspire us all every day.

She was a believer. She believed in the greater good. She believed in kindness toward others even when she was in great pain. She believed in loving others unconditionally. She believed in living life to the fullest. Making every single day count. She believed in the power of life everlasting. She believed in her dreams - setting goals for the future no matter what the doctors told her. She believed in the Lord and found peace and understanding in His plan for her and her legacy.

We could all certainly learn about from Miss Leontien. I know I could. She has inspired me to be a better person - to live every single day to the fullest and never for once take for granted this life God has granted me. Life is all too short. And it was especially too short for Miss Leontien. But her gift of life will keep on living in her memory. Her strength will continue to inspire others to believe and to love.

Yesterday Miss Leontien would've turned 34. In honor of all those whose lives she touched, I would like to inspire you to pass on the kindness.

Donate to a local food bank, the Salvation Army, volunteer at a homeless shelter or nursing home, give your parents a hug, tell someone how much you care, write a hand-written note to an old friend, buy someone special flowers, treat your office staff with a surprise breakfast, give that hard-working server an extra 20 percent tip, find a family in need and offer them some support.

The options are limitless.

I am planning 34 acts of kindness for the next 34 days, some will be random, some will be small, but they will all be in honor of Miss Leontien and how in what big ways she touched my life. Today, I purchased Starbucks for the car in line behind me. I've never done it before, it was fun, but a small and random act of kindness. How will you pass on the kindness?

Comment below and let me know or share it on the Love for Leontien Facebook page.

Kindness is contagious. I picked it up from Leontien. Will you catch it, too?

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