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More BIG changes for the New Year!

By January 11, 2013 , ,

Life is all about change. Growing up. Moving out of the house. Adjusting to college life. Getting a job. Marriage. Managing finances. Pets. Kids.

The. Whole. Nine. Yards. 

When Big D and I were first married nearly 8 years ago, we rented a farm house as part of his job as a farm manager. It was a nice house with four bedrooms, three bathes, a fully-finished basement, renovated kitchen and a heated attached two-car garage.

Only one problem ... it wasn't OUR home and it never would be. About 3 years later, Big D decided it was time ... time for us to farm full-time and move back to his family's farm, just a few miles away.

When he quit his job as a farm manager, we obviously needed to find new accommodations. So we decided to fix up his grandparents home on the farm. Big D's family was on the verge of demolishing the home as it needed MAJOR renovation, but we knew we could make something special of it (even if we had to live in it during renovations!).

With a significant savings built up, we were able to paint and refinish the floors (actually we just cleaned up the existing floors underneath the carpet) in the entire house and remodel the kitchen and bathroom with cash (something we were pretty proud of!).

Our current home

Later on, we renovated the partially-finished attic to make it a master bedroom, landscaped, added shutters and a new roof. As with any older home, it of course still needs some "work." But we love it, always have.

However, it does have its hang ups, like smaller bedrooms and no storage (ie. no attic, no basement and no garage), which means all of our (er' ... my) stuff is stored, stowed and hidden throughout the house, most of which is buried and piled in the spare bedroom and our master. We also only have one bathroom, which works for now, but it sure would be handy to have a second at least half-bath in the future. 

How about a glimpse into our current home before the reno and after (circa 2008) ... 
Kitchen - Before

Kitchen - After
Bathroom - Before

Bathroom - After

Bathroom - After

Bedroom 1 - Before

Bedroom 1 - After (This is actually now RayRays bedroom, but initially it was our bedroom)
Office - Before
Office - After (sorry, it's so dark!)
Living room - Before
Living room - After (and pre-kid's toys and new couch & chair)

I think we've always known that this house wouldn't be our "forever" home, but we weren't quite sure what would be (as I've mentioned before).

Well all of that is changing, as we are now planning another major renovation and a BIG MOVE!

My in-laws (Big D's folks) live next door in what I refer to as the "castle" (our house is the cottage). They are ready to downsize and we are ready to upsize. So we're switching houses! And I'm happy to report this next house will be our "forever" house at least until our kids move us into a senior living community many, many, many years from now.

Our future home! Can't wait to have a porch swing again!

Down a beautiful tree-lined lane

The castle
With the new baby coming, I didn't really feel the need to rush the move, mostly because I want to take our time with the reno and do things right.

Our goal move in date is Labor Day. All of the reno projects will most likely not be complete by the time we make the switch, but the upstairs will likely have some new carpet, ceilings and a renovated bathroom. I should mention that this house is beautiful (more pics will follow!), Big D's mom refinished all of the original woodwork when they moved in in the 70s' and has taken great care of the house that Big D grew up in.

I'm excited to move up from 3 bedrooms to 4, as well as add a new, big playroom, a bigger dining room, an upgraded eat-in kitchen, an additional bathroom, a bigger laundry room and a new, more secluded office space for Big D.

We are still in the midst of making plans for the reno, but I will be sharing progress (and inspiration from Pinterest of course!) throughout the year of the big project. 

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  1. SOOO EXCITED FOR YOU! This is so much fun to plot and plan!

  2. OH YAY!! How exciting!! Can't wait to see the progress ;-)

  3. So excited for you! Can't wait to see the pics!

  4. I thought a move might be in the works, but I figured it would be to the place you all bought last year. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  5. That is such a cute idea! Love the images. So fun! :)

  6. you did a great job of renovating the first house I am sure the next house will be great. When is the baby due