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Stylin' the Baby Bump

By January 30, 2013 ,

Pregnancy is a real blessing. It's an amazing journey for a woman's body and I feel pretty blessed to be carrying a healthy and active little girl for my second time around the baby block.

But it does take a toll on your body and your emotions. Do you find yourself crying after watching a sappy music video, listening to a song on the radio or heck, crying for what can be determined as no reason at all. Do you forget your cell phone at home, two days in a row in fact, lock yourself out of the car or just forget what you're supposed to be doing altogether, ya we call that pregnancy brain, though I think I may have pregnancy brain even when I'm not pregnant. Sigh.

Your lower back aches, your bras no longer fit right, your tummy itches, someone is kicking you from the inside and when you stand up you feel like you are also lifting two additional 50 pound dumb bells. 

It's hard to feel beautiful when you're in alot of discomfort, trust me, I understand. Sometimes I just tell Big D, that I need to be reclined immediately in the easy chair or I'm going to hurt someone (haha, just him actually). 

But baby bellies big and small are a pretty beautiful thing and you know what you deserve to feel gorgeous, too!  

Lace-topped dress from H&M ($30), Jean jacket from Target (its old) and cowboy boots from Kohls ($35). 
I attended a conference last weekend and was overwhelmed with comments on my prego wardrobe. Folks, this is a major side perk of being preggers, strangers are more than giving of friendly compliments in my opinion. Like, I said, peeps love those baby bellies.

So I thought I'd share a few baby bump fashion tips and especially the six best, basic items to include in your maternity wardrobe!

So without further ado, let's get to some quick pregger style tips ... 

1. Cotton dresses are great because they can be dressed up or down. I love Nicole Ritchie's prego style and this fun cropped leather jacket over the simple grey dress paired with that hot red clutch is a win-win look!

2. Big bulky tunic sweaters paired with leggings and boots. I have a couple tunics and they aren't even maternity tops, but they work great since they're pretty roomy. And leggings are awesome, because they're stretchy and feel like your old pair of comfy yoga pants.

Source: polyvore.com via Meggie on Pinterest

3. Dresses and flowy shirts with detail around the collar. This draws attention to not just your beautiful baby belly, but also that glowing look in your skin that says "I'm having a baby!" Again, dresses (like the one below and the one I'm wearing above) can also be paired with leggings during the winter months or with a jean jacket or colorful cropped jacket for a more casual look.

4. Skinny jeans, tanks and jackets. These are three simple pieces I would highly recommend including in your maternity wardrobe, just for the mere versatility aspect. And the jackets do not need to be maternity tops, in fact, none of mine are. But then again they aren't exactly the kind of jackets that can be buttoned up.  And skinny jeans aren't your enemy, as long as you use a belly band you can still wear your skinny jeans during the early months of your pregnancy. They can be paired with boots, flats and even heels. And while I'm not a major wearer of heels, as long as they are comfortable, go for it. Otherwise, don't torture yourself. For my first pregnancy, my feet swelled up so big, that flip flops became my best friend. 

What items from your wardrobe did you love when you were (or are) preggers (besides the yoga & sweat pants, because trust me those get plenty of wear around my house, too)?

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