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What it's really like to date a farmer

By February 14, 2013 , ,

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to grow up and marry a farmer. So it's no surprise that when I was old enough to date, I tended to lean toward the farmer and country boy type.

Let me paint you a picture ... I drove a pick-up truck with a diamond tread toolbox and diamond tread running boards and my truck was equipped with a CB and dual antenna whips. Breaker, breaker? (Yes, like the truckers!) To say, I was (am) proud to be a farm girl would be a mass understatement.

I didn't care to play sports, I preferred horseback riding, showing cows and working on the farm. I was (and am) just a little bit country. So the city fellas had little appeal to me. I can't say I dated a whole bunch before I picked up Big D that faithful evening on the campus of my alumna mater nearly 10 years ago, but when I did date, I preferred country boys who drove big trucks. For the majority of my dating life, this was a major prerequisite. God help me when Little Miss RayRay is ready to start dating, I am going to be a scary Mama Bear when it comes to her suitors, country boys or not!

Since it's been quite a while that I've been running in the dating circle, I don't know that I'm a dating expert by any means. But I do have plenty of memories of what it was like to date MY farmer. (And you may recall my post of What It's Like to Be Married to a Farmer or one of the first times I went home to his family farm)

Honestly, some days, it feels like we're still dating, since we (er... I) tend to schedule our dates most of the time.

Dating a farmer isn't the easiest. If I could provide one tip to ladies looking to date a country man, I would say, "Be patient."

Farmers are super busy seasonally with spring fieldwork, planting, spraying fertilizer, summer hay-baling, wheat harvest, double-crop planting, fall crop harvest and fall tillage.

Oh, your farmer-love has livestock, too? Then they are super busy seasonally, plus ALL YEAR LONG. That's my farmer, too. Since we raise pigs as well, they require care seven days a week, 365 days out of the year. But luckily, I grew up a dairy and grain farm, where my family milked 36 cows twice a day plus grain farmed corn, soybeans and alfalfa hay. I grew up learning the true meaning of the word patience.

With patience, comes understanding that your plans may be cancelled when things come up on the farm or you may be late to events and activities. Just be patient, if he cares about you, he'll make the extra effort and you'll notice.

But there are lots of benefits to dating a farmer too. Like if Wranglers and cowboy boots are your thing, then welcome to the official ware of farmers and ranchers!

Don't know how to fix a leaky pipe, repair a blown fuse, rebuild a broken cabinet door, no fear, farmers (at least mine) tend to be pretty darn handy around the farm and house. My farmer installed every bit of our bathroom, plumbing and all, he has fixed electrical issues and much, much more. And did I mention, that he often comes to my rescue when my car is broke down, trailer lights aren't working or I locked my keys in the car. Farmers make pretty handsome heroes (especially mine!)

So this Valentine's Day, if you find yourself frustrated with your farmer who maybe didn't make a huge deal out of the holiday with a card, roses and chocolates, just remind yourself to be patient. He's working hard everyday to help produce food for a hungry world. Give him a big hug n' kiss, cook him a juicy steak (and/or make him take you out to dinner!) and love the guy for who he is, never for who you want him to be.

And for any singletons out there, looking for their farmer-love, feel free to check out www.farmersonly.com, a dating site designed exclusively for farmers and ranchers!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. I wasn't sure how my Valentine's Day was going to turn out for this very reason - I wasn't sure how busy he was going to be today! I got lucky though that it was a rare slow day since most all of the pigs are gone and new ones haven't come yet, so he surprised me by showing up at my work with flowers! They really do try when they can find the time!

  2. Nothing better than a good old farm boy :)

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