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Wordless Wednesday: The Life of a Lil' Farm Girl

By April 10, 2013 , , , , ,

We have been a busy bunch in the last couple months. Family visits, farm trips (and farm work), a trip to Washington, D.C. hair cuts, lots of play time, Easter, first day out in the field working ground and oh yea ... I'm still preggers. 35 weeks now, time sure has flown! We're all looking forward to meeting Baby Girl! 

Spent a day on the farm with Daddy. Here we are in the farrowing barn.

Cute little baby pigs

Daddy's little assistant.


Lots of cute colored babies taking a snooze.

Going in for a KISS!
Taking a ride around the farm (for no particular reason) in the new tractor. RayRay was driving , kinda...

And pose ... such a diva

Snow in late March, starting to melt away. Spring is in the air! 

"I don't want to take a bath!!! (Five minutes later) I LOVE bath time." Sigh ... 
Grammy and RayRay being silly
Grampy and RayRay
A cowgirl in training. But really, is there any other better way to watch cartoons than from the back of a "horse," I think not!
Silly girl! 

I think this was her 3rd haircut, getting more comfortable with sitting still, now. 

Big D and I in Washington D.C. about to meet with our legislators to talk farm issues.

Big D's big sissy and her family live in Arlington and we were lucky enough to be there to help her celebrate her birthday! 

Easter egg hunting at church

Pretty serious about this egg-hunting.

Family photo at church

And pose! I had like 12 photos of her tilting her head back and forth. So cute! 

We don't have any pigs or cows on the farm where we live right now. Just a lonely old goat. So when we go outside RayRay is constantly trying to feed the goat dried up old weeds.

On the way out to the field to work ground - April 6 - and so it begins ....

But Daddy always makes special time for his girl. I'm sure we're headed to see the goat again here.

And here I am. 35 weeks. Feeling pretty good for the most part. Good days and bad days, ya'll.
Excited for the new baby girl to arrive!

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  1. Your little girl is stylin' in all that pink! She and our youngest should get cozy so we can hand off all her pink stuff to you! Good luck in these last few weeks. You know the drill, but that drill can always change at the last minute! Be prepared and enjoy!