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Caution: Sweet Baby Smiles Ahead!

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It's hard to believe our little Ruby May is 10 months old and Miss RayRay will turn 4 later this year!

When I look back on the last 10 months, it's amazing how busy we have been. While I can agree that my blog has been severely neglected, I can tell you that we sure have been living life to the fullest. Life is all about making priorities and unfortunately, my blog has fallen to lower end of my priority list.

But now that work (oh yea I started a new job in September) has slowed down for a bit, I'm excited to get back online and let you know what we've been up to and what's ahead for the Hoosier Farm Babe. Soo much going on! Seriously, exciting stuff!

So let's get all caught up, shall we... Now, I shall proceed with an insane photo dump of life.

I shared the big news of Miss Ruby May's birth last May, but not a whole bunch of photos to commemorate her special day, so let's start there ...

This goes away back., well relatively. May 2013. Big moment! Ready to deliver our girl! 

3.5 hours later, she's here. Completely different birth experience than Miss RayRay. Fast and furious. We were over the moon to welcome Miss RubyDoo to the family last year. She has been a beautiful breath of fresh air, and the happiest, easiest baby you could EVER ask for. What a blessing she is to our family. Miss RayRay has absorbed the title of Big Sissy pretty well, though she's not too into RubyDoo taking, let alone touching her toys. 

Miss RayRay meets her new baby sissy. Not quite sure at first!

An attempt at our first big family photo - not real effective as you can see ...

Grandpa and Grandma meet Ruby for the first time!

Grammy meets Ruby. Precious moments!

Grampy meets Ruby. So sweet!

Fun in the sun! Oh I miss the sun! 

First cow show of the year!

Daddy's 31st birthday!

Miss RayRay competing in the Pet Parade at our County Fair. She was a sheriff and the baby pigs were bandits!

My brother and sis-in-law visited the farm last summer.

Cousin pic with Grammy!

Reunion with HS friends and their babies. Love these girls!

Miss RayRay going for a wagon ride with her Cousin Henry

Grandpa drives the wagon.

We arrive at Houghton Lake for our annual summer vacay with friends in July.

Gotta love a cottage right on the beach.

Daddy helped with the sandcastle er sand tunnel...

Our third trip to Mackinac Island. Love the Grand Hotel!

Our good friends who joined us on vacay! Great memories!
Miss Sassy Pants

Sweet RubyDoo just 3 months old here.

Great Aunt Caroline and Cousin Karen with Ruby!

Time to blow out the candles, Miss RayRay just turned three (well in July, of course!)

See you next year Houghton Lake. I heart this place! 

4 months old in August. Smiling and oh so expressive. Such a sweetheart!

Last day at my old job in August. 

Miss RayRay at Bass Lake in September. Getting' a bit more comfortable in the water.

Entertaining some friends - Nathan and Lydia. 

Until next year Bass Lake!

Nearly 5 months old. 

First day of preschool for Miss RayRay.

And also first day at Mommy's new job. Big big day!

Miss RubyDoo at 6 months!

Silly girls!

Harvest 2013

My hard-working farmer unloading grain.

Ruby tries solid foods for the first time. Yum, rice cereal! October.


Halloween 2013. Rapunzel and a unicorn.

Our sweet little unicorn!

Ruby's baptismal dinner, November 2013.

Baptism of Ruby, 7 months.

Thanksgiving 2013

Miss RayRay and Ruby meet Santa at Farm Bureau!

Writing a long wish list for Santa!

Christmas at Grammy's in Ohio!

Christmas at Grampy's Ohio!

Our beautiful girls at Christmas!

Santa ate the cookies! Yes!

Christmas at Grandma & Grandpas with Uncle Mike! Ruby is 8 months old.

Our happy girl at 9 months! Crawling and climbing and very chatty!

OMG, seriously, that face!! Miss Ruby at 10 months climbing, standing and very busy!! She says "Dadda," "Mama" and a few other words! Weighs in at nearly 23 pounds, bigger than Miss RayRay at 18 months old.

Fancy face!

Look at me, I'm standing! My baby is growing up!!

Three words: happy, happy, happy!!!

You may've noticed a few less photos from January to March. Yea, work amped up and we traveled to San Antonio to Virginia Beach, with three or four additional conferences in Indiana sprinkled in, two of which that I was in charge of. Craziness! 

In just a few short weeks, we will FINALLY start the renovation on the big house. I have photos of the house we lovingly call the "castle" that I'll share soon and keep you in the loop on all the fun updates & before and afters.

Plus, spring planting is JUST around the corner, can't believe it's that time again. And just when Big D hits the ground running, Miss RubyDoo will turn ONE. What?! 

Life, seriously, slowww down! 

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  1. WOW!!! Been busy for sure. Cute pictures.

    Charlotte Moore