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Big White Farmhouse Renovation Part 1

By November 13, 2014 , , ,

Many months ago (as in like 22 ...) I shared that Big D and I would be renovating this beautiful family homestead you see below. But then things happened. Life happened. And we put the renovations on hold ..... until NOW. 

Honestly, the fact that the renovations have actually started has been a blessing, a dream come true. I have been praying for this renovation for at least two years, discovering and appreciating the true meaning of patience! 

I'm excited to finally share this journey with you, as I myself love the before and after photos and pretending like I'm hosting my very own show on HGTV. For the record it would be called The Big White Farmhouse Renovation, hence the name of my new blog series. So cheeky!

I'm behind (imagine that) and I need to get ya'll up to date with all the demo and reno going down at the BW Farmhouse!  

Here are a few before photos that I took nearly a year ago ...

This was Big D's big brother's bedroom and has most recently been used as a guest bedroom for grandkids. Did I mention this is the home my in-laws have lived in for nearly 40 years. We are majorly repurposing this room to be a gigantic custom-designed walk-in closet. I may be more excited about this than anything else. Good stuff coming here, good good stuff!!!

This is the "master bedroom" before shot.

Hallway to Big D's childhood bedroom. Future hallway to new guest bath and Miss RayRay's new bedroom. 

Big D's childhood bedroom and Miss RayRay's future bedroom. A good sized-space for our growing girl!

Hallway and stairwell to downstairs.

Original second floor bathroom. I am standing in the old master closet. These two areas and the shower room behind Big D will be spilt into a new master bath and a new bathroom for the girls. I can't wait to share the design of these two rooms with you!
Drywall is down in hallway and bedrooms. This is a shot of hallway as you are coming up the stairs.

Drywall down in Ruby's new room. Removal of one of the two old chimneys. Bigger closet in the works.    

Looking into the master bedroom with drywall down and new windows.    

Moving waterlines to accommodate for additional bathroom on second floor.    

Bathroom missing the floor. New waterlines being installed and new subfloor will be built.

Standing in the master bedroom looking into the master bath.    

All new windows being installed on the second floor.

With most of the drywall down, we were able to install new insulation.

Standing in master bedroom looking into the future walk-in-closet.

Entry to walk-in closet of amazingness.

Drywall down in closet looking into hallway and stairs.

Hallway to Miss RayRay's new room.

Hallway to stairs.

New heating and cooling system being installed for the second floor.

New electrical boxes.

Fixture for can lights in the bathroom.

To new beginnings ... 

Love seeing the original framework of our Big White Farmhouse!

Drywall is going back up this week and they are building a new sub-floor in the two new bathrooms. Exciting stuff coming!

You might be wondering about a move-in date and/timeline. Not sure...playing it by ear somewhat. Could be before Christmas. We will finish the upstairs, switch houses with the in-laws and then begin renovation on the downstairs.

Stay tuned for Part 2 ....

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  1. WOW!!! I had been wondering why there were not any updates. Lots of work going on I see.

    Charlotte Moore

  2. I just completed renovating my home and I admire K. Siyabonga and his teammates for bringing in remarkable changes in different parts of home to provide it a complete newer look.