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Big White Farmhouse Renovation - Part 2

By November 20, 2014 , ,

Making progress on renovations of the Big White (BW) Farmhouse, but still it's a slooow process. Man, patience really is a virtue. But honestly, I don't think it would be a swell idea to be dating or married to a farmer if you weren't a patient woman.

As for an update this week, demo is nearly complete on the 2nd floor and new drywall and new subfloors are being installed! Once the floors are finished, we'll begin work on the tile for the walls and floors in the bathroom. I've picked out bathroom vanities, paint colors, tile, carpet and nearly all of my light fixtures. I never thought I'd say this but the mosiac tile I picked out is just plain dreamy. Ah the things we say (and that excite us) as a thirty-something mom!

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I love old houses. I love old houses with a story to tell. I love old houses that have raised generations of children. And I love old houses that seep family memories. This house was home to Big D's great great grandfather who raised his great grandfather. When Big D's parents got married and moved back to the home farm in the 1970s, the home underwent some serious renovations to make it a family home that would raise three children. Now Big D and I will raise our family and create new memories with our girls in the Big White Farmhouse on the family farm!

New sub floor in master bathroom. 

Standing in bathroom looking into master bedroom. 

New windows that look out to the cattle pasture! 

Miss RayRay making laps in Mama's new closet!

Hallway to Miss RayRay's bedroom.

Miss Ruby finding tools and all things dangerous in her new room.

Original lath board of our old farmhouse.

They just don't make homes this sturdy anymore!

Hall and stairwell to downstairs.

Girls loving the new floors!

Miss RayRay standing in her new bathroom walking through the new doorway.

Insulation for the 2nd floor.

Making music with the toolbench, because why not!

Drywall around new electrical boxes.

Drywall on the ceiling. Gotta love the footsteps on the ceiling.

Outside of the house with new windows. Much more planned for the exterior of the BW Farmhouse. Shutters (not sure what color yet) and of course a porch swing. 

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  1. Can't believe the baby is walking. Had no idea she was already this big. Wow!!!

    Charlotte Moore