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Big White Farmhouse Renovation - Part 3

By January 20, 2015 ,

I know it has been several weeks since my last post ... You may be thinking to yourself, "Wow, the BW Farmhouse Renovation must surely be complete by now." 

Unfortunately, you would be sadly mistaken. 

Apparently, we work with the slowest contractors in history. I like to joke with friends that a Taco Bell was built in town one month faster than the second story project of this ole farmhouse. But alas, perfection takes time. And I only want to do this once. 

We get asked constantly, "what's the project deadline or when are you moving in?".... I wish I could say. I quit setting a move-in date because well it just kept getting passed over and over again. Honestly, right now, I'm focusing on finishing the project and moving on to the next phase of renovation - the first floor. I'm trying to remember that there is value in not rushing things; and to relax and know that it will all get done in fine time. 

I'm behind in getting this post up - there has been much progress since these photos were taken. Almost all of the rooms upstairs have been painted - next up is trim work and carpet. It's going to look phenomenal. I get pretty excited when I talk about the bathrooms, but even more awesomesauce is the master closet. California Closets are coming for the big install on February 2. I would post a teaser, but I really want to surprise ya'll! Part 4 will include finished rooms with paint, light fixtures and possibly trim. 

You can find Part 1 and Part 2 here and here

Looks like a mess, right? Apparently, this one has become the headquarters for BW Farmhouse Renovation. Eventually, this will be Miss Ruby's bedroom. The wallpaper is down now, room has been primed, new closet has been built and paint goes up tomorrow. 

Yea a hole in the floor, so what? Well we are taking out two old chimneys to eventually open up the kitchen more downstairs. 

Ceilings in all rooms have been stomped. Ready for new light fixtures!

Now here is where it gets exciting...this is the 4'x4' shower in our master bathroom. I am absolutely in love with how it turned out.

And this. O.M.G. This glass mosiac tile, I'm still in love with. Yes, apparently, this is the kind of stuff that excites you when you are 32 years old. 

Photos just don't do it justice.

Gigantic soaking tub. Oh the bathes I will have!

Still need to tile the front of tub. But since this photo has been taken, room has been painted (Calico- it's a blue-green), toliet and vanity has been installed. Glass doors will enclose the shower. 

Drywall ready for paint in the hallway. Since this photo, this hall has been primed and painted in a pretty cashmere.

Girls' bathroom ready for paint. Starting to shape up here. Since this photo, the room was painted White Dogwood (light pink) and vanity was installed.

Tile finished in guest bathroom.

Looks great!

Hall looking into master. Guest bath is to the right.

Hallway down to stairs.

Master bedroom ready to be primed and painted. And of course since I'm behind this room has been painted a pretty cashmere. 

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  1. Thanks for the update. Anxious to see it finished. Looks good!!

    Charlotte Moore

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