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Big White Farmhouse Renovation - Part 5

By August 24, 2015 , ,

When my friends are all like my house is a mess ... my kitchen is a disaster - I sigh and say ... "I betcha mine is worse!"

It really is folks, because right now my kitchen is a bare room with nothing but new drywall to its name. 

We are in the middle of the kitchen, pantry, dining room and laundry room renovation on the first floor of our Big White Farmhouse Renovation (See Part 1, 2, 3, 4 here). Currently, our kitchen, dining room and pantry stuff is resting in our living room mostly covered in reno dust. It sounds pretty gross and it kinda is. 

Since we have no kitchen, dining or living room, our finished upstairs is our entire house and main oasis. We enjoy dry breakfast upstairs and most all other meals at my mom's or anyone else who is willing to cook us dinner including McDonald's or Chicago's Pizza. I kid ... surprisingly we haven't ate out much at all - good thing because my waist line would kick my butt for that! 

We began the reno on the first floor on August 3rd - that puts us about 3 weeks in with at least 3 weeks to go. Patience is key - this is what I keep telling myself. This will all be over soon and I'll have a kitchen again and it will be fabulous!

So enough talking - let's get down to the lath board of this first floor reno ... 

First let's check out the before ... 

Dallas' parents who owned the house before us renovated the house shortly after they were married in 1974. Lots of memories and special times shared in this kitchen over the years. Excited to create new ones with our girls in our new space!

This door leads to the pantry/side entry/stairs to the basement. This doorway will be covered up since there is an additional door to the entry/basement stairs from the living room. We will be creating a new pantry space.

Eat-in kitchen table. This will be replaced by a center island with stools. 

On August 3rd the demolition of the kitchen began ... cabinets, island and appliances are removed.

Corner where the fridge once stood.

One week in and the wall between the kitchen and the dining room (seen here) is almost out. We took two chimneys and a laundry shoot out upstairs to make more space. The second phase of the chimney removal is the first floor. This will give a more open floor plan to the kitchen and dining space. 

View into the kitchen. One chimney is out on the right. You can see the old laundry shoot in silver on the right. Cool but not very practical because our laundry is not in the basement.

Drop ceiling is out in the kitchen and ceiling is also down in the dining room.

Corner where the refrigerator once stood. Down to the lath board now.

You can see our old laundry room to the left. We are creating a pantry room and laundry room from this space. The pantry will have a door from the kitchen. The laundry will have an entry from the back room which is the same as it's always been. 

Future pantry area.

Second chimney is about to come down.

Giant hole in the floor from the chimney.

Lath board

Goodbye chimney with no fireplace. Hey if the chimney was in the living room I would be all about it. 

Wall is completely down between the dining room and kitchen. Looking so much more open! 

This pocket door is closed to the living room. When open these three rooms (kitchen, dining, living room) will feel very open. 

Moving the doorway for the pantry and beginning the electrical updates. Can lights will be installed in the kitchen, dining room, a custom light fixture over the island and a chandelier in the dining room.  

Room framed up for the new pantry. 

Last week the kitchen and dining room were drywalled. Starting to look like a house again. 

Pantry is drywalled too.

New window in the kitchen, just a smidgen bigger than the one that was there before. 

Doorway is drywalled over where you could entry the former pantry/basement steps.

Loving how it's coming along!

This space just feels huge to me!

 This week, they will take down the rest of the wallpaper in the dining room and start painting. Also, my new hardwood floors are in. Cabinets are set for install on September 3 - so far we are on target!

The end is in sight, folks ... I'm excited to see the finished product! Stay tuned!!

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