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Big White Farmhouse: Inspiration

By September 02, 2015 ,

Progress on the kitchen this week has been a little slow....

However, the walls are primed and painted in the kitchen as well as the dining and pantry rooms ... so that's good. And today, the hardwood floors were partially installed (kitchen only) and tomorrow the cabinets go in.

Hallejuah!!! (if you can't sense my excitement - then imagine me doing about four back flips in a row - which would be pretty wild since I can't even do one let alone a single cart wheel!).

By Friday, a different group will come to take final measurements for the granite countertops that will be installed about one week later. That is ... if .... everything goes smoothly.

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to share some photos that inspired the design of my kitchen, in addition to a few unique pieces that I've picked up along the way!

I started this kitchen design journey on Pinterest, pinning everything I loved with a variety of designs and color schemes. The kitchens that dreams were made of. Eventually, I transitioned over to Houzz, which is similar to Pinterest in that it is a digital bulletin board but only for home design.

But whether it was Pinterest or Houzz, I kept coming back to the same general look ... soft white cabinets, hickory hardwood floors, a rustic oak island and golden granite countertops.

The picture above is the No. 1 inspiration for my kitchen. Now some of the features such as backsplash and inset refrigerator will not be in my kitchen, but the floors and cabinets will look similar.

I also loved this one ...

The island. In one word - fabulous!

And this one ...

Love the copper backsplash and ... the sink! For some reason, I could not sell my hubby on a farmhouse sink, but that's a battle I was willing to lose since everything else I got the green light for.

I've learned through this farmhouse remodel that I'm kind of a light nut meaning I'm a bit particular about my light fixtures. I think it all started with my closet light. The closet light spoiled me on all future lights.

I'm an Etsy lover too. God bless Etsy. I found this amazing light fixture for above our center island and knew it was just perfect. It should be delivered this week and I'm almost as excited about this staggered Mason Jar light fixture as I am the entire kitchen. Yes. I am weird.

And I went back and forth on stools for the kitchen island. I kinda liked this tractor seat stool - but the hubby thought it was a bit too country. Yah I know. Too country? Is that like too much fun?

I love Wayfair! I can do some serious damage on that site! They have great variety, excellent quality and the site is simple and easy to navigate! And ... they often have deeply discounted items and always free 2 day shipping even on the big items. Love you Wayfair! Thanks for being a winner in my book!

I settled on these stools and was able to purchase them less than $100 each - which if you've ever priced stools most are $150 and up. I think they will fit in perfect - give the kitchen some vintage country appeal but also not detract from the beauty of the kitchen.

For our floors, I wanted something that would be true to form for our old 100 plus old farmhouse so we went with a Mohawk hickory hardwood - a narrow board - which is not necessarily in the in-style but it is what was installed in our home when it was first built. As they begin to install the floor today - I learned that I love it even more than the day I saw the sample.

Can't wait to see how this all comes together!

More next week ...

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  1. Pretty pretty! We are just starting to look at plans to redo our kitchen. Some demo and remodeling could be in order, but we need to see some numbers and try to judge what this year's crop will bring in or not bring. Fun times planning to spend a farmer's money!

  2. This will be beautiful!

    I feel like I am having deja vous.... back to when I planned my kitchen and struggling with things like stool shopping! Stools are OUTRAGEOUS! I almost went with a tractor seat too... but opted for comfort and practicality instead. I've enjoyed my pick so far! My kitchen builder was able to finish and stain them to match my dining room set.

    I can't believe your husband talked you out of a farmhouse sink...... sure it's not too late?? My most favorite thing in my house! Once you get one, it would be hard to go back, I think! They're so room.

    Can't wait to see the final finish!! :)

  3. Love the white and the darker bar. I know you are excited.

    Charlotte Moore

  4. what you have done with your farm house is too good.... we are into the dairy farming business and our stable is not well organised.. the cattle living area is too clumsy and dirty, i often find myself cleaning over and over again but the place still looks the same after all the effort.... any suggestions??

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