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A Fit Farmwife: How to Get Started

By January 13, 2016 , ,

I remember the doctor's appointment in 2009 when she told me, "You should really consider losing a few pounds because it will be harder to lose weight when you're older."

I was 27.

I nodded like I was in agreement, but in reality I thought she was rude and completely nonsensical.

I mean I saw myself in the mirror and thought sure I'm not a skinny minny, but I'm not too big either. I'm just fine - I'm average.

I thought people who worked out didn't have better things to do with their time. I certainly did.

I thought people who ran for fun just liked to live in misery. I only ran when being chased. Duh!

I was blessed with a decent metabolism (props to good genetics!) so I ate whatever I wanted and however much I wanted and I worked outside with cattle and horses regularly so I considered that enough physical fitness for me.

But five years and two children later, I was the heaviest I'd been in my whole life. My energy level was deplete and I could no longer eat whatever I wanted without having to unbutton the top of my pants after a meal.

At that time I drank probably close to 64 oz of Dt. Mt. Dew a day and considered myself a connoisseur of fast food French fries. My mid-day snack was a King size Reese's PB cup or Little Debbie swiss cake rolls.

I changed jobs in 2013 and my new employer had a gym with a personal trainer and lots of free fitness classes to choose from. I started going to Beginner's Boot Camp and messing around on the elliptical machine a few times a week.

I remember how I felt after the first Boot Camp. My muscles hurt so bad that I physically could not walk up my stairs at home. I had to crawl. For reals.

And then I crawled right back into the gym for more.

Thankfully after that it got much better. But I thought at the time this is crazy and my muscles freaked out too - I don't blame them. Remember I have not one athletic bone in my body and was the one who absolutely despised gym class growing up.

I tried running once and could go about 2 minutes without having to slow down to a walk. The personal trainer told me I would do better to improve my endurance and burn more calories if I used the treadmill.

Fine, I'll try it ......

So I started slow, going only 5 minutes jogging (4.8 mph) on the treadmill at first and about dying. My knees hurt and my body told me to stop. I bought new tennis shoes and my knee problems went away.

I started taking a daily vitamin and the painful cramps during running went away.

And I kept moving.

Gradually, I increased the duration of time I jogged and eventually I didn't feel like I was going to die every single step that I took.

It's all about starting at your own pace. And it's Ok if that pace is slow. Honestly, I'm still pretty slow. You don't want to make it a painful experience that you have no desire to subject yourself to.

Sure, you should push yourself but have fun too!

So how do you get started?

First, you have to make the decision and the commitment to change your life. Find a reward to give yourself when you accomplish your first goal. Hello new purse!

Maybe your first goal is a weight loss (5 pounds or whatever) or inches lost or just working out 3 days a week for 3 weeks solid. You need to make some achievable goals, meet those goals and then set newer higher ones for yourself.

I am testament to the fact that you can do anything you set your mind to! You really can!

Find your inspiration. Find someones story that you can relate to. I was inspired by this amazing lady's story three years ago and I have been following her faithfully ever since. I love reading other women's stories of triumphs - it feels so empowering as a woman to know you can do anything!!

And find a buddy to join you. Working out with a friend who can keep you accountable makes it all that much more fun!

Oh and yea ... start replacing some of those unhealthy habits with better ones. Try one less soda a day and one bottle of water in its place, but don't go cold turkey. (I think I've been in Indiana too long - I used to call it pop!)

Start slow and make a plan.

More grilled chicken less fried and switch out the French fries for a side salad.

Don't keep the junk aka swiss cake rolls in the house. You'll be less likely to eat them if you don't having them staring at you in the pantry.

True story.

Big D still has to hide his double-stuff Oreos from me - I could eat an entire package in a week's time.

Girl's still got a sweet tooth.

But ultimately it's about feeling good in your own skin. I was fine for a long time but decided for my girls that I needed to make a change if I was ever going to keep up with them. There is a lot of running happening with a 2 and 5 year old y'all.

And I want to make them proud and be a good role model for them in any way I can! For me that makes it all worth it!

I know there is a ton of pressure in our society to look a certain way or be a certain size but let that NOT be your motivation.

Find your motivation within and from above.

Be the best form of YOU in whatever size or shape that is!

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