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Big White Farmhouse: Kitchen Unveil

By January 18, 2016 , ,

It dawned on me recently that I never shared the final Big White Farmhouse kitchen unveil. Well without further ado, let's get right to it!

To jog your memory, here is what we started with.

This is the kitchen (and house) that Big D grew up in. So many memories shared in this kitchen even in just my 13-year memory bank. Visiting his childhood home for the first time in 2003, his parents big Christmas shin-digs over the years, our girls visiting Grandpa and Grandma and much more. This house, this place, is special to us in so many ways.

We started the first floor renovation including the kitchen, pantry, laundry and half-bath re-do in early August and finished a long 2+ months later and that's not counting odds and ends like hanging pictures and curtains.

It was a arduous two months with our master bedroom serving as our family kitchen, dining room and living room. I'm not going to lie it was a bit of a nightmare and not one I'm willing to relive anytime soon.

But it was all worth it to end up with our dream kitchen. I loved it in October after finishing touches and I love it today. I love that I handpicked every detail and design element specific to what we love. It's perfectly us.

I'm so excited to make memories with our family and friends for many many years to come in our beautiful new kitchen in the Big White Farmhouse!

Shiloh Cabinets

Custom granite counters and stools from Wayfair

The kitchen sink is in the same location as it was before before but with a new, slightly bigger window above it.

We were able to keep most all of our appliances (except the counter top microwave) and saved a ton of cash. 

Love the window pane glass door on the corner cabinet and that pretty crown molding.

Custom Mason jar pendent light fixture from Etsy.  LOVE! 

Added a total of 12 can lights in the kitchen and the dining room. The view here is from the dining room. Previously, there was only an open door way because on either side were two covered chimneys. We removed both chimneys and were able to open up the room entirely. We now have about a 40-foot span for the kitchen and dining room space. Perfect for entertaining!

This is the door way we moved (it was on the opposite side) and found a door in the attic with a glass panel at the top. We replaced the glass panel with new frosted glass and had etched stencil letters made to read Pantry. We took the laundry room, reduced its size, took out a small closet and were able to make room for a walk-in pantry. 

Shelving in the pantry. This is slightly better organized now with baskets and well just more food. 

We made the pantry big enough and deep enough to fit our standing freezer. We love to have the extra space for freezer food and for it to be so conveniently located is a major plus. Now if I only had a beer and wine fridge handy!

This is the view from the kitchen to the dining room. Since this photo was taken, we have added curtains. 

This was previously a big beautiful picture window, but with a crack. Picture windows are so  so expensive. So we saved some cash by replacing it with three smaller windows. I would've loved to had the big picture window back but my checking account says this will do fine too. 

There are a few more projects to share ... a half-bath and the laundry room. And for 2016, I have an entry way to tackle and some outdoor entertaining space to work on. But for now, it's cold and I'm going to make some hot tea and cocoa for the girls and I in this lovely new us space!

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