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How One Farm Mom Turned Her Life Around

By January 10, 2016 , ,

My blog is about to take a different turn. 

For the new year I have recommitted to my blog and you will see many changes over the course of the next several months. Blogging is my creative outlet and a place that I have truly missed for at least the last two years. I have changed careers in the last couple months and it has enabled me to have a bit more free time for my family and for me. And for that I am truly thankful! 

So to kick the new year off, how about a New Year's resolution. I know, how novel. 

Challenge. That's what it's all about. I want to challenge myself in ways I never have. Challenge myself to grow as a mother, wife, daughter and friend. Challenge myself to work harder in everything I do but especially in my new career. Challenge myself to let go of the negativity including the negative people that may surround me. I really do think 'kill them with kindness' is kinda overrated. How about just surrounding yourself with the type of people who you can just be yourself around and who treat you with respect and kindness! 

And finally challenge myself to continue on a path of better health. 

Almost three years ago (about when I slowed down majorly on my blog writing), we welcomed Miss Ruby May in our lives. I was about 35 pounds heavier than what my driver's license said I was. Whatever.

Before I had our precious Ruby, I never really cared too much about my weight because I was comfortable enough in my own skin. But having two children and a full-time job put a serious strain on my energy level. It was hard to keep up and I was exhausted like all the time. Plus my jeans were getting tighter everyday and that bothered me more and more especially because I was too stubborn to buy any bigger pants. 

I looked in the mirror one day and thought I can do better. I know I can feel better than I do right now at age 31. 

I decided at that point it was time to make a change. I started on a path to a healthier me both through cardio and strength training and a more balanced diet. Now it's an important part of my life. But I'm still no perfect picture of health, but I'm better. 

If you would've told me 15 years ago that I'd ever enjoy running and lifting weights, I would've said you'd fallen off the crazy train and hit your head hard! 

I have never been an athlete or a runner, heck I couldn't even touch my freaking toes until a few months ago. 

Now I can run 5 miles and like keep moving the whole time and I actually like it. I'm slow as all heck but I'm moving and sweating. 

I love free weights and feel so strong and powerful after a good workout. 

I eat a little better than I used to. I make better choices and I try to practice moderation, but I still love pizza and wine and donuts. 

I stopped drinking pop in May of 2015 and that was a major change. I lost the last couple pounds I'd been working on after I replaced my soda intake with water and Spark. More about Spark later! Oh my I do love Spark like more than I love cookies which is a lot!

This isn't me bragging this is me saying if I can do this - if I can find the motivation - YOU can too. 

I am just an average working mom trying to keep all the balls in the air. And I need all the energy I can get. 

Once I started on a path toward better health I noticed my energy level change dramatically. I came home from work and was ready to play and engage with the girls. No more couch potato - well not as much anyways. 

I love how I feel and the healthy habits I'm passing on to my girls. It's not necessarily about the weight loss for me as much as just feeling good about myself. But I will say losing 25 pounds does feel pretty damn good - just to say you did it. It's hard, really hard, but it's worth it.

Join me in 2016 as I share more struggles and triumphs of a fit farmwife. Cardio and strength training tips you can try at home, nutritional info and healthy recipes. This is going to be a great year! Let's do this 2016!  

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  1. Losing weight does make us have more energy. How nice to have a job with more time to spend with the family. It is such a fast pace world we live in.

    Did you get your house finished? Had wondered about that.

    Charlotte Moore