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There is nothing easy about being a young farmer owning and operating your own business. In just the 10 years that we have been farming, we have experienced some tough times and also very good times. You know what has gotten us through the tough times ... our faith in God, our family and probably a bit of stubbornness.

Speaking of those good times ... my husband and I recently received a top award from our state farm bureau organization recognizing our achievements as young farmers. The award is such a great honor and we are absolutely humbled to represent Indiana at the national competition next month in Phoenix.

But as we begin to prepare to compete in the national contest, we are reminded that we didn't get here alone. Any success we've experienced growing our farm business goes back to the unrelenting support of our family.

In more ways than we can count, we would not be here today without their support, without them challenging us, without them believing in us.

Despite an industry and a hog market that seemingly doesn't want us to survive as independent young producers, we have prevailed and will continue to fight as hard as we can.

We are grateful for our family for believing in us even when we didn't believe in ourselves. We are grateful for our family for instilling a love of agriculture and perhaps some of that stubbornness that I mentioned earlier.

And beyond our family, there are many others who have supported us along the way.

We are grateful for our landlords who were willing to work with a young farmer with not so fancy equipment at first.

We are grateful for our seed, feed and veterinarian partners for their counsel, support and encouragement.

We are grateful for our ag lending partner for believing in us every step of the way and working with us to grow our business year-after-year.

We are grateful for farm bureau for engaging us into leadership opportunities on the county, state and national stage and for rewarding hard work.

We are grateful to have a small, yet super strong circle of friends in the farming community to share ideas with and to laugh with. Never understand underestimate the importance of laughter.

We are grateful for our hired help who support our farm and care for our livestock as much as we do.

We accepted the Young Farmer Achievement Award from Indiana Farm Bureau this past weekend and we were beyond proud to have our family in the audience supporting us and cheering us on just as they have our entire lives.

We are grateful for everything our family has sacrificed to give us the opportunity to live out our dream to farm.

We are grateful for our family for being our everything.

To learn more about our farm operation, check out the video below!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Good to hear from you.

    Charlotte Moore

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